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The website for model boat enthusiasts. Vast range of quality wooden boat kits, specialist boat building tools & model boat fittings. In total we have available over 10,000 items.

After all that wind & rain the UK Summer arrived in all it's glory!! 32 degrees in Gloucestershire accompanied by cries of Ohhh isn't it hot!! We all know it never lasts and now sensible temperatures have returned together with grey skies and wind, now we can all be happy in the knowledge that normal service has returned and it's a good time to put some more effort into your latest modelling project. If the garden isn't your thing or the changeable weather keeps you out of it? Possibly it might just be that your most recent project has ended, take some time to look through our web site for your next one. There are plenty of items to choose from all at competitive prices.

Looks like the UK 'General Election' has managed to confuse matters even further with no more certainty about the UK's direction than before!! To all of our confused customers in Europe and around the World nothing has changed so far and we really don't think it will? Finish off your existing project and browse our web pages for your next one. We ship kits and fittings plus modelling materials Worldwide all at competitive rates, choose your next challenge now you won't be disappointed.

If you are a customer in mainland Europe or the USA? Why not take advantage of the reduction in value of the £ Sterling and pick up an even better bargain!!? Do it soon and make a start on your new modelling project today. Don't delay as nobody knows how long the £ Sterling will be at it's current low level?

A new feature of the web site is now up and running. Click upon the Amati logo to the left of the 'Home Page' and you will immediately have access to the latest new product information, tutorials and blogs. We are hoping that this new feature will help our customers to make informed decisions prior to purchasing new products and also help to resolve any technical building problems they may be experiencing.

We have received some new products from Amati and Victory Models, for example the new 'Revenge' kit is now in stock for immediate delivery.

Recently arrived and available to order from Amati are a very nice new range of '1st Step Kits' these are a brand new addition to the Amati product range and can be viewed in the Amati boat kit section. These new kits have been specifically developed for beginners to the world of wooden boat building, they come complete with all fittings and with instructions written by us. Also included are very easy to follow exploded diagrams and pictures.

Also in stock and ready for shipping are two very nice speedboat kits by Amati. They have pre-made hulls to include wooden in-layed planking and come complete with all fittings. All that's needed are batteries, motor and radio control and away they go. Look them up in the Amati boat kit section, they are the 'Sexy Lady' and the 'Bellezzai'

The 'HMS Fly Upgrade Set' is now available from Amati, these new upgrade sets will allow you to bring your HMS Fly up to a higher build standard. 'The HMS Fly Upgrade Set' can be ordered online and are in stock now!! please do this quickly to avoid any disappointment!!

There are some truly excellent deals to be had on various products from Amati, Victory Models and Corel. Why not take advantage of lower prices now?

As mentioned before. Since the Brexit vote the £ Sterling has taken a real hammering. We have been monitoring the situation and have had success in keeping prices stable since June. Currently the way things stand? If the fortunes of Sterling don't change for the better in New Year 2017? Sadly our prices will inevitably have to increase as new shipments arrive from Italy.

Finding what you are looking for has now been made easier as we have returned to our core business strength. Wooden model boats and all of the associated fittings, tools and materials required to build them well.

Please browse our pages for the very best prices and really exciting 'SPECIAL OFFERS' with limited duration applied to our kit stock and upon selected kits and tools.

Please feel free to contact us with helpful comments regarding any area of our web site that you feel can be improved. All of us at Euromodels hope that you will now find the experience of using our web site a more pleasurable one.

New kits, tools, modelling accessories and boat fittings can be found here. In fact all you will need to support your hobby in one place.

For details concerning ordering information, quotations, payment and prices please see our 'Terms & Conditions' section.

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