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Wooden Boat Kits
Amati Videos
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Euromodels Waterline Marker
Click picture to enlarge
Waterline Marker

Ideal for marking the waterline on boat hulls.
Stock code: A7378

 £13.98  (€16.50)  ($17.75) 

Euromodels Loom-a-Line
Click picture to enlarge

Shroud jig. This tool allows the modeller to make shrouds off the model.
Stock code: A7380

 £10.25  (€12.09)  ($13.02) 

Euromodels Plank Bender
Click picture to enlarge
Plank Bender

Nipper type. This tool helps the modeller in the bending of planks when planking the hull of a model boat.
Stock code: A7381

 £11.98  (€14.14)  ($15.21) 

Euromodels Blade
Click picture to enlarge

Special blades for 7381 plank nipper.

Sold per blade.
Stock code: A7381/04

 £0.66  (€0.78)  ($0.84) 


Euromodels Keel Klamp
Click picture to enlarge
Keel Klamp

Building cradle. This tool is a special boat building cradle, designed to be fully adjustable. Will turn through 360 degrees.
Stock code: A7382

 £59.23  (€69.89)  ($75.22) 

Euromodels Knife set
Click picture to enlarge
Knife set

Action Knife set, complete. This special set includes pin vice, collets and blades.
Stock code: A7383/20

 £19.29  (€22.76)  ($24.50) 

Euromodels Pin Pusher
Click picture to enlarge
Pin Pusher

This tool is used for pinning planks during hull building.
Stock code: A7384

 £10.98  (€12.96)  ($13.94) 

Euromodels Replacement Tube for Pin Pusher
Click picture to enlarge
Replacement Tube for Pin Pusher

Replacement Tube for Pin Pusher (EA7384).
Stock code: A7384/02

 £1.16  (€1.37)  ($1.47) 

Euromodels Master Cut
Click picture to enlarge
Master Cut

Mitre cutter, complete. This special tool is used to help the modeller in the making of 90 degree corners. i.e. window frames & doors etc.
Stock code: A7386

 £29.98  (€35.38)  ($38.07) 

Euromodels Blade
Click picture to enlarge

Blade to fit the Master Cut tool (EA7386).
Stock code: A7386/02

 £0.47  (€0.55)  ($0.60) 

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