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Euromodels Le Mirage
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Le Mirage

French Flagship, 17th Century. Length 870mm, Scale 1/75. 17th Century first rate 84 gun flag ship in service with the French Navy.
Stock code: ECSM010

 £463.16  (€546.53)  ($588.21) 

Euromodels H.M.S. Unicorn
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H.M.S. Unicorn

British Frigate, 18th Century. Length 840mm, Scale 1/75. An elegant 5th rate frigate designed for the British Fleet by Chapman at the end of the 18th Century. Armed with 24 guns on the open fighting deck & 8 guns below.
Stock code: ECSM011

 £240.14  (€283.36)  ($304.98) 

Euromodels Vasa
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Swedish frigate 1628. Length 890mm, Scale 1/78. A Royal Swedish ship with 64 guns that sank in the waters around Stockholm on the day it was launched.
Stock code: ECSM013

 £493.56  (€582.40)  ($626.82) 

Euromodels La Sirene
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La Sirene

French frigate 1750. Length 845mm, Scale 1/75. This 30 gun frigate is famous because of its designer, naval architect Fredrik Chapman. all the design calculations & drawings appear in his 'Architectura Navalis Mercatoria' published in Stockholm in 1768.
Stock code: ECSM014

 £276.39  (€326.14)  ($351.01) 

Euromodels Dolphyn
Click picture to enlarge

Dutch ketch, 1750. Length 810mm, Scale 1/50. An attractive ketch launched in 1750 armed with 10 cannons & 6 culverins.
Stock code: ECSM016

 £215.60  (€254.41)  ($273.81) 

Euromodels La Couronne
Click picture to enlarge
La Couronne

French ship of the line, 1636. Length 805mm, Scale 1/50. The first ship to be completely designed & built by the French. On the orders of Cardinal Richelieu, the work was entrusted to the famous master craftsman Charles Morieur of Dieppe.
Stock code: ECSM017

 £408.51  (€482.04)  ($518.81) 

Euromodels Half Moon
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Half Moon

early 17th Century Dutch Galleon. Length 520mm, Scale 1/50. In 1609 English captain Henry Hudson aboard the Half Moon was searching for a North-West passage to Asia when he discovered a bay into which flowed a river 500Km long. Having sailed up the river
Stock code: ECSM018

 £189.83  (€224.00)  ($241.08) 

Euromodels Flying Fish
Click picture to enlarge
Flying Fish

Market schooner, 1860. Length 745mm, Scale 1/50. Designed by the famous shipbuilder Jeremiah Burham she was launched in 1860 in Essex, Massachusetts. Due to its special construction & the enormous amount she carried the Flying Fish was one of the fastest
Stock code: ECSM019

 £164.02  (€193.54)  ($208.30) 

Euromodels Amphion
Click picture to enlarge

Swedish Royal yacht, 1778. Length 785mm, Scale 1/50. Designed & built as a fast vessel for King Gustav 111 of Sweden she was also used in naval battles such as the victorious Battle of Svenskund against the Russians.
Stock code: ECSM020

 £230.81  (€272.35)  ($293.13) 

Euromodels Misticque
Click picture to enlarge

French xebec, 1750. Length 810mm, Scale 1/50. Taken from drawings in a famous French museum, this is a reproduction of an unusual Mediterranean sailing ship of the mid-18th Century.
Stock code: ECSM021

 £300.65  (€354.77)  ($381.82) 

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